Training Services

  • Provide certified Manual Handling Instruction to businesses and individuals
  • Provide training as an Adult Education Tutor with ETB Training Centres, Local Training Initiatives, Youthreach, Community Development Programmes, Community Education Programmes, Skills for Work Programme, Back to Education and Life Long Learning.

The Further Education and Training Model of “inclusion through employment” creates a range of possibilities and supports to provide plans and programmes through community education to address the gap and need for learning and upskilling.

Despite the decline in unemployment there still remain high levels of unemployment impacted by short term contracts, seasonal work and limited and low earnings.  The most common barrier to employment is low skill levels, limited work experience and further education and training initiatives are uniquely positioned to address these challenges.

Training Experience

  • Developed and delivered disability awareness training to schools, companies and hotels
  • Delivered community leadership training and facilitation to community and voluntary groups throughout Wexford. Advised and facilitated community groups to source and apply for funding
  • Supported groups to apply for funding to develop and provide identified training programmes.
  • Worked with companies on Feasibility Studies to identify gaps in training and employment
  • Worked with groups to co-ordinate and support Socio-economic Plans to reflect local conditions and data to identify the need for Further Education and Training. This data identifies profiles and target groups within areas and provides the evidence to develop training, supports, infrastructure and resources to deliver long term training programmes.
  •  Delivered basic literacy and numeracy to People with Disabilities
  • Planned, Produced and delivered music and drama productions to people with disabilities, youth clubs, national schools, play schools, age active citizens and local community groups
  • Delivered CPR and Basic first aid for many years through the Irish Heart Foundation and Wexford Happy Heart to youth clubs, community employment Schemes and local businesses.
  • Delivered music and singing lessons in a private capacity.
  • Media Training Skills.

Further Training Experience

Delivered Fetac Level 3 Rehabilitative Training to People with Disabilities and modules including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Personal and Interpersonal Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills and Internet Skills. (Benefit Training)
  • Everyday Maths
  • Career Preparation and work experience
  • Money Management
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Healthy Living
  • Drama
  • Art and Design
  • Photography

    Training Qualifications

    • Bachelors Degree (Honours) in Rural Development
    • QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instructor
    • QQI Level 6 Train the Trainer
    • QQI Level 6 Supervisory Management Skills
    • Diploma in Community Leadership
    • Certified Risk Assessor. Level 6 Certificate
    • Certified First Responder
    • Certificate in Suicide Prevention – Gatekeeper Programme
    • HSE Certificate in Understanding Challenging Behaviour
    • Certificate in Children First – Keeping Safe Programme

    Positive to Work Achievement Certificates in the following:

    • Conflict Resolution
    • Finance for non-financial managers
    • Interview Skills
    • Report Writing
    • Adult and Child Protection
    • Dignity and Respect
    • Instructional Techniques
    • Business Writing Skills
    • Employment Law
    • Managing Conflict
    • People Management and Development.

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